This isn't a question but your blog is awesome and your horses are absolutely beautiful!

Thank you!

heLP ME LOOK AT THIS GUY I WANT HIM SO BADLY UHG equinenow(.)com/horse-ad-861242

"Color: silver dapple" lol no he’s not

He looks pretty nice, though. Good price for a KMSHA that rides and drives, & if he is what they say he is.

Why do they use those type of boot/shoes on Big Lick horses?

They strap the weights to their feet to get the horse to lift their feet higher. 


Color Me Strait
(Color Me Smart x Strait Smokin Doll)
So i recently bought a new horse over the winter and he happens to be black. But as soon as it changed to spring, he started bleaching really bad. I noticed you have a - gorgeous - black mare, and I was wondering what you used to control the bleaching or if there was anything that can be done at all. I feel like this is a dumb question, but I seriously have no idea...

Black as Knight helps quite a bit and keeps her dark even though she’s a smokey black, not a true black. I think we get that from Smartpak.


The Baby Lips ChapStick my mom got me smells exactly like Tricare Ointment. I don’t think stuff you put on your lips should smell like horse wound ointment

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A Danson Impulse
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Hey how is Bella's Spanish walk coming along? Haven't seen you mention it in a while

Haven’t worked on it in a while but the last place we were at, I was getting her to take two good steps forward. Getting them to strike out is the easy part, its transferring that to moving forward that’s tricky!

Saddlebred's movements are more natural than TWH right??

No. Saddlebreds movements are more natural than Big Lick TWH.


Dun Being Wimpy (x)
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Justin Covington
Small Grey Outline Pointer