These are gorgeous! Do they have website/online shop?

Yeah they’re an Etsy shop! Padded Ponies on Etsy

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i want to message this shop with my bank account number bc might as well they’re going to have all my money by the time i leave here
I got this in navy (14) with red monogramming on one side and I am so hype for it to get here like so hype u dont even know

AQHA Green Trail by AQHA Journal on Flickr.
you new saddle looks even nicer in that new pic you posted of it!! congrats :)

Thanks! It honestly looks really great and a lot nicer than I thought it was going to be as well 😊


I really want to put my otterbox back on my phone but I can’t get my case off of it. like I’m scared I’m going to break my phone trying to get this case off

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Bad Bart Bailey
(Poco Doc Brownie x Sweeters Ole Peaches)
2007 15hh Palomino AQHA Gelding







Amazing ride on this babecicle. We galloped bareback for the first time in forever and it was incredible 💕. Also a good thing I rode her today before our big ride tomorrow because now I know that she needs a chiropractor visit asap. Her left shoulder pops every time she moves it at a walk and it causes her whole left side to jerk forward. It’s the same kind of pop I feel when my hips are out of whack. Gonna call Carmen and see when she can come out and work magic on my baby. 

Oh by the way Bella is chestnut now

I just noticed her shadow and now I’m laughing ridiculously hard look at this fucking shadow she is literally a giraffe

Your vet’s name is Carmen?

Nah. My vet is Callie but I would rather use Carmen lol. Carmen told is she won’t come into Callie’s territory though. But Carmen is licensed to do chiropractic work so I trailer out to her when I need her to work on Bella.

It’s not Carmen Frank is it?

It would be Carmen Frank yes it is

I know Carmen. She’s a really good vet. I’ve heard a lot of good things about her. She diagnosed my mentor’s horse over Facebook once that had four other vets guessing. I use Dr. Anna Russau cause we do her horses. She came everyday, twice a day for a week to treat that horse for Urlickia (I might have messed up the spelling). I like Dr. Anna cause she’s very passionate about the horses and isn’t afraid to advocate for the animal. I’d use Carmen but I live out of her service area, especially now that she’s married. I just thought that was really cool, we both know Carmen :)

I would love to use Carmen over Callie bc I feel like Callie nickle and dimes us all the time. Like she charged me $300 to come out and squeeze Bella’s foot, confirm an abscess, and then leave. Her ex husband is also our farrier so on the rare occasion they come out on the same day it’s awkward lol. Carmen has said she won’t come into Callie’s territory though so I can’t use her. I met her at a big camping trip I go to twice a year and she adjusted Bella. I was supposed to trailer up into Powhatan to meet her for a follow up but I never did. There’s nobody else in the area that does chiro though. She’s super nice though one of my friends bought a horse from Lilly Pond Foal Rescue who turned out to be pregnant and she was out there whenever she was called to check on the mare and then to deliver the baby. I heard she’s getting a clinic set up though so she’s going to stop traveling so much

All Dun Working
(Hollywood Dun It x Great Footwork)
Small Grey Outline Pointer