Thought maybe they were celebrating something. Just drinking to drink? That's fun. Just thought maybe there was a special occasion

Lol they have an iron man competition at the warehouse every year and they all get drunk and wrestle each other or some shit idek what they do

Uh.... why is your boyfriend getting drunk with your dad?

Do you understand the concept of adults


The first time Robbie spends the night here while my parents are here, I won’t even be here. He will be coming back to my house after getting drunk with my dad and sleeping in my room while I’m at a horse show.

My boyfriend is having a sleepover with my dad.

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High ponytails are my fav 

Except this pony tail started almost at the top of my head and I need a haircut

I have two final exams in three weeks for my two online classes and I just started one of them and have barely gotten anything done in the other because they are CONSTANTLY glitching and not working properly and my supervisor basically said “oh well you aren’t required to complete all the lessons you just have to pass the exam” OK BUT HOW DO I PASS WITHOUT DOING THE CLASS?

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Technically, they haven't positiviely ID'ed the remains yet (takes a bit for DNA to be processed). In all likelihood, yes, it's Hannah, but even the police aren't willing to make that 'official' announcement yet.

The police aren’t making the official announcement because in the miracle chance that the body is not hers, they would cause a billion issues if they had already told the media that it was her. The body was found with the same clothes as Hannah the night she disappeared, less than 10 miles from where she was last seen, four miles from where Morgan was found, and six miles from a place Jesse Matthew used to live. There is basically no chance that the body does not belong to Hannah but the police can’t publicly say that until they have the forensic proof.


You all may recall my speaking of Bella’s complete apathy for ground poles well I thought using heavy cavelettis would make her pick up her feet but no instead she literally drug a caveletti for several steps because she wouldn’t pick up her back foot high enough to step over it because she is a little shit

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Bella has gotten very stiff on her right side and won’t pick up her right lead canter so we have some round pen time in our future. Probs tomorrow or later tonight if it’s not too cold.

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My IQ is 132 and apparently the line between average and gifted is 130 so hello I am a certified genius ✌️

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Small Grey Outline Pointer