So the woman who cleans my house weekly called my mom and asked where Lucy was. My moms like idk at home I guess I’m out shopping. There’s a Facebook page for the area called RivahAds and Diana was like “well there’s a dog posted as found on RivahAds and I swear it’s Lucy.” So my mom looked it up and it was her. The people who found her live on the same road as us. The closest neighbor we have actually. Which I thought was weird because they’ve seen our dogs before that should know she’s ours and Lucy should have just gone home from there but my mom went to get her and the woman said that Lucy was huddled up against their door and wouldn’t budge until my mom got there. They didn’t know she was ours because they thought our dog was all black when Lucy is really black with brindle. Still don’t know why Lucy wouldn’t come home it’s not like she doesn’t run over there all the time. The only thing I can think is something scared her bc she’s a baby and completely locks up whenever something scares her.

Anyway that’s how my dog got lost and found before we even knew she was gone lol

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You’re damn right it does, Siri.
I’m definitely ready for cooler temperatures but I am going to miss this view.
How do you do it? Living around all that fucking grass!

You learn to see more than just grass when you look out the window.


Fucking church sign I just passed said “Forgiveness is to swallow when you want to spit.”


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Getting stung on your thumb by a Japanese hornet in the middle of the night is so much fucking fun guys you all have to try it

Unless you like having full mobility of your thumb in that case I would avoid.


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Small Grey Outline Pointer